We pick up your laundry from your desired address, wash it professionally and deliver your clean laundry back to your desired address.

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We offer our laundry pick-up and delivery service in the following postcodes, as we cannot offer our laundry pick-up and delivery service everywhere.

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    Please contact us. We look forward to your questions or suggestions.

    Laundry Service Frankfurt

    Owner: Rainer Thormann
    Allerheiligen Str. 7
    60313 Frankfurt am Main

    Email: info@waescheservice-frankfurt.de
    Phone: +49 (0) 160 7969990

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    pick-up service

    After you have put your laundry to be cleaned in the laundry basket, give us your desired pick-up date and time so that you can plan your day comfortably. Our driver will come to you punctually within the desired time window to pick up your laundry to be cleaned.

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    Laundry Service Frankfurt
    Laundry Service Frankfurt

    Delivery service

    After we have prepared your cleaned and ironed laundry for delivery to you, you will receive an email notification that we will now deliver your laundry back to you punctually on the delivery date and time you requested when you placed the order.

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